Proven Strategies to Increase Your Magazine Revenue During the Holiday Season!

The holidays are closer than you realize, you need to plan your Christmas strategy now! Holiday promotions are one of the top revenue drivers for publishers. This Christmas season, consumers are expected to spend upwards of $500 billion on holiday giving, expending roughly $480 per household. What is your plan to tap into this holiday spend?  Below we share some of our proven strategies to help your publication capitalize on the holiday momentum and generate more revenue from your loyal audience.

Audience Management - Analyzing Your Data

For your holiday strategy, the more data you have on your audience, the more you can enhance your seasonal plan of action! 

A comprehensive subscription software is crucial when planning your campaigns.  Your software will give you the tools to determine different groups: who is a current gift giver, who has lapsed gift subscriptions and who has never purchased gifts. Segmenting your subscriber list will give you the opportunity to talk to each audience strategically and identify which segments can generate the most revenue.  You’ll also be able to track and analyze which efforts and message yielded the best results for future campaigns. 

With data from your Subscription Software and tools such as Google Analytics, you can review valuable insights into who is visiting your website, what pages are viewed the most, and who are your best customers. This will allow you to improve the user-experience garner an even deeper understanding of their interests, and what to market to them

Promote Exclusive Holiday Gift Offers

Gift subscriptions are a proven way to generate more revenue during the holiday season. Your publication can utilize various marketing streams to promote holiday offers. Extending offers directly on your website, sending special email newsletters, direct mail, or through your social media channels. Magazine publishers should also use these channels to remind existing subscribers to renew gift subscriptions for their friends and families.

Limited-Edition Christmas Merchandise & Gift Guides 

You can also create exclusive “holiday packages” with added benefits to those who subscribe before the end of the year. In addition to subscription sales, consider creating limited-edition holiday merchandise such as calendars, hats, or mugs and packaging items as “gift sets”. A good way to increase response is to offer an incentive such as a limited edition magnet or other brand-related products. Adding incentives will typically increase response rates by double digits. It is also essential to create a beautifully curated gift card to announce gift subscriptions. Having an e-gift card available will also entice shoppers to pick-up last-minute gift subscriptions and ultimately increase revenue. 



Some magazine publishers can also include affiliate links by partnering with similar brands or local retailers and creating “Gift Guides” to generate additional revenue.



Don’t forget… 



Taking advantage of your social media can be an effective way to market year-round, particularly around the holiday season. Consider creating promotional content to let your readers know about your holiday subscription packages, as well as any limited-time seasonal merchandise offers. You can also run paid advertising campaigns on social platforms to reach new audiences and promote a “holiday discount” on subscription packages or merchandise. 

Start Planning your Holiday Campaign with Help from our Circulation Experts!

It is essential to take advantage of the holiday season to generate more revenue for your publication. Acquiring new subscriptions is crucial to the future of any magazine. Our team of Circulation Experts can help you take advantage of the busiest time of the year. With our years of experience helping publications of all sizes, we can provide your brand with personalized holiday strategies proven to increase growth and generate more revenue! 


Our Custom Services include:


● Analysis of your audience

● Engage with potential advertisers for partnerships

● List Sourcing, Segmentation, and Data Processing 

● Create Package Details

                – Email Campaigns

                – Direct Mail Campaigns 

                – Social Media Campaigns 

● Creation of Holiday Offers 

● Source best pricing for Printing & Mailing Quotes

● Budget Planning & Workback Schedule

● Copywriting & editing 

● Creative Design for graphics and layout

● Creative Design of promotional order pages

● Project Management

● Campaign Reporting and Analysis


Time is ticking. It’s not too late to plan your holiday strategy. Let us help you get started TODAY!