Circulation Management

A turn-key approach to circulation designed

to maintain a base of engaged readers.

With our Engaged Base program, we study your circulation challenges, identify every method needed to overcome them, and then rigorously test those assumptions. We use these results, along with our own creative planning, to build an annual strategic plan that addresses your circulation, production, and financial goals.

All Your Promotions and Then Some

Our seasoned team of experts will perform all of the promotions expected from an in-house circulation department:

  • Online and Offline Customer Acquisition
  • Renewal Campaigns
  • Gift Campaigns
  • List Management
  • Contests
  • Management of Agencies
  • Newsstand Distribution
  • Audit Management
  • Data Entry

Circulation is a highly specialized field. It takes training, experience, and contacts to make it run smoothly. Let us take care of it for you!