Content Management

Content Management by Inovva

Update and maintain
your digital content efficiently

Whether it’s a corporate website, an online product catalogue, a multimedia application, a Content Management System is the best investment a firm can make when you need to frequently update online information.

The Right Tool. The Right Fit.

Custom designed and developed according to your specific needs

Inovva has extensive experience in custom application development, especially in designing and developing Content Management Systems.

  • All types of content: news, product catalogues, investment fund profiles, outbound management services such as newsletters, and correspondence to a membership base
  • Flexibility: screen interfaces designed with the special needs of the user in mind
  • Functional layouts that are ergonomically friendly
  • Proven technology

Integration and configuration
of commercial solutions

We can incorporate into your digital environment many of the best-in-class off-the-shelf Content Management Systems with a view to:

  • Efficiently manage from one location, content located on disparate web application platforms, reducing the time and the risks associated with stale data/information
  • Disseminate coherent/consistent data/information on a variety of platforms (Web, cell phone, electronic messaging, print), helping you to stay in touch using whatever device available
  • Seamless integration of major technological platforms and enterprise-wide applications promotes smoother transition from old to new platforms